• tashot 5w


    We live in an imperfect world of Perfection, Victory, Winners, Gold and Diamonds, Glits and Glam, up never down, beautiful and handsome, Milk and Honey and all splendor you could think of. It is all so splendid.
    It's so splendid that we beat ourselves up when we are not "perfect", "victorious", "wealthy", "glamorous", "beautiful", or just happen to taste the bitter roots of life.

    The bitter truth is that; the perfect people are just imperfect beings that have mastered their flaws, the victors continuously work on their losses, the rich work tirelessly multiplying their coins, the glamorous have to hit the glam room on a daily and the beautiful are the most insecure beings alive....

    All that splendors is actually a splendisaster Now how splendid is that?