• lacolorfulhippie 6w


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    I may have come to the realization that I will probably never experience the adventure.
    The infinite adventure of friendship that could be eternal.
    The kind of friendship that is lived in groups.
    Maybe I have come to the realization that my life is meant to be lived without it and do without.
    Does this make you sad? Does this make you wana tell me it's not so and try to make me feel better?
    Human nature CAN be beautiful.
    Do you think I see me as a victim? Do you see me as one?
    I'm not but a teller. A story teller.
    A teller of lies, that won't amount to nothing but small bubbles in the air, waiting to be burst.
    Lies don't amount to nothing. Soft whisper.
    But guilt will give you hot fevers.
    Is it better? To live in pairs?
    Does it make it better when you have leave? Alone? Same way we all came.
    Does it make the dream better? The whole thing.
    This seemingly long journey to our small eyes.
    How do you see me? How do you fit me in your box? If you have one.
    Am I meant to see the wide without? What can one accomplish by complaining of one's apparent reality and future?
    The present is enough to make you insane, why go mad about the future? I am, indeed more than two having an argument, with just one brain to share.
    I am indeed, but a witness and the main character. I am but a wonderer of this vastness we call home but are afraid to explore it all.
    I am both the question and the one who asks. Both the answer and the mystery