• rxywriter 6w

    As it is my last wish

    I knew you all are waiting for me
    but I am not able to come home,

    I want to say you and our child
    and want to talk in the peaceful wind,

    my child still waiting outside the door
    when dad came, we hugged them more and more,

    my parents want to hear my voice
    I also want to see them, but they're no choice,

    I still wait when I will saw you all
    my heartbeat fast and want to reach a goal,

    I want to cry, when your call came
    I have no word to say, only want to reach home,

    it is very tough to reach the destination
    you say I am strong and you control your emotion,

    you all stay safe, I prayed yo god
    always keep smiled and always loved,

    as it is my last wish
    will reach home and want to see all family members.

    I wrote this when all members want to reach home during the lockdown.

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    As it is my last wish