• sorcerer797 5w

    I feel disgusted by the fact that I have to pick that call,
    Hear to hearsay and indulge on an attack.
    I want to control and dominate her,
    Am not happy that she is growing,
    As if the miserable her is my feeling of winning,
    My illusion of control over her,
    Am incredibly lost in love which turned to apathy.
    I m insecure and perverted on my stand abs status as a man
    There is a deficit of trust which she cant fill in,
    There is a deficit of trust cos my heart is broken,
    There is a position of passion and negetive elation,
    A feeling of gleam and disgust and unhealthy vibes,
    I blame her for my moronic disabilities,
    My inferiority complex,
    My grasp of reality.
    Well on fact, it's my wound and I have to heal.