• yukti005 5w




    Look!!! she is so pretty
    Look!! she would be a celebrity
    Oh look look!!! she is the beauty

    Oh look!! she looks so biddy
    Look look!! how she acts like she is so grity
    Oh my god !she is so sticky

    She has beautiful eyes
    How come she looks so nice
    Oh my god!! she is the beauty

    Her eyes looks like she is retired
    She is so undesired
    Oh look!! she should be sat on a fire

    Oh look!! how nice is she , she is clicking a photo with her fan girl
    she has the heart of pearl
    Oh my god !! she is the beauty

    Oh look !! what is she doing , she is giving her clothes and food to the orphanage
    Oh look! how come she is so unprivileged

    Oh look !! she is so fair
    She has a perfect quality of hair
    she is like a bright flare
    Oh my god !! she is the beauty

    Oh look !! how come she looks so black
    The beauty is the thing that she lack
    Oh my she is cracked

    Because this cruel world is like this
    That's why the good heart human beings will won't exists !!!

    This scoiety distinguish the people on there looks
    And because of that the good heart ones are always mistook!!!

    What is there in the looks
    And why the hell they always have to point out the nooks!!!

    This world is blind
    Thats why they are always unable to see the heart of kind !!!

    Outer beauty doesn't matter
    *It's the kind heart that should be flattered*