• ishola 10w

    Oh mosquitoes
    Violent and selfish
    When I was awake I fought tirelessly against your desire to take advantage of my body
    But sleep came in along the way
    And I couldn't fight any longer
    You satisfy yourself against my wish
    You pierced my skin with your proboscis
    And suck away my blood
    You do this repeatedly without my consent
    Everyday, Every night
    You have your way with my body like I'm your property
    You do this with great damages on my body
    As days goes by I started feeling the consequences of your evil deeds
    I became weak, having constant headaches
    My mouth betrayed me couldn't feed like I used to
    You made me an inmate with badge number 6045
    In the prison of malaria
    Oh mosquitoes
    I told you to stop but you wouldn't listen
    I fought against you but it seems you are more clever
    You waited till my helpless moment
    Oh Mosquitoes
    How I wish you have listened to me
    How I wish he heed to my plea
    How I wish I could stop you
    How I wish, How I wish
    I would not have been a prisoner