• magic_spills_ 6w

    Can you see those stars?
    They are manifold, can you count?
    You see, It's so prepossessing, but
    Can you feel the isolation!
    Well.. Come, Let's take up the dare
    To Count these stars
    For, This would take us forever
    And thus, we'll fill each Others loneliness with contentment all those nights, just like the stars shine with moon
    Each time, I will count the stars insanely
    And You'll grasp my fault just like they're shooting stars
    Look up,
    There's a forever painted in the above
    And, you see, we still
    Stuck at counting the number of stars
    But they still are there
    Making us,
    Sit for a bit longer under the starry nights
    And a bit more and till forever...