• me_phoenix 6w

    Milady in blue
    An ocean of pride
    Dignity deep inside
    Blooming like flowers
    Radiating the fragrance

    Bluebird fairy
    Wings to fly high
    In the infinite blue sky
    Unruffled and dilly dolly
    No dilly-dally or silly sally

    The blue moon
    Tresses in the tune
    Dancing like balloon
    In a tranquil afternoon
    Of on electric monsoon

    God’s blueprint
    In the hues of mint
    Shining, strong imprint
    A joie de vivre viewpoint
    Canvas of life’s break point

    The blue butterfly
    Full of life and energy
    Symbol of wisdom & glory
    Blessing bestowed upon lucky
    A poet’s muse for ultimate poetry


    Pic Credit: Lyla Nowras


    @carolyns_challenges @mirakee @writersnetwork

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