• bin123 10w

    One side relationship

    I am created for you,
    its my duty to hold books and copies of you.
    Though I am non-living,
    but I too have a feeling.
    Guess who am I?

    Every year I meet one of your kind,
    I know you start your first period with a fresh mind,
    and a chewing gum inside your mouth
    You stick it on the bottom surface of mine
    When the teacher catches you and shout.
    Guess who am I?

    I care for you, your books and copies too,
    but why so selfish are you,
    To save yourself from the teacher's scolding,
    You are involved in littering me,
    Guess who am I?

    I hold the notebooks for you,
    So that you can write comfortably.
    But you don't even think once
    to hurt me by writing on me so easily.

    Yes, I am the desk where you keep your notebooks.
    If I can care for you
    Then why don't you?