• enchanted__minds 6w

    The hidden fears, the anxieties, the failures, the problems, the feeling to give up.
    Everything is temporary.
    Just for a temporary issue, don't forget about the goal which you were so determined to complete.
    Don't forget about the passion which you dared to work for.
    Don't forget how far you've come in this difficult journey of life.
    Difficult situations are just a phase of life. You gotta deal with them, you gotta face them. And once these situations realise that you're not a weakling, they'll surely go away.
    Yes, I don't promise that problems won't arise in future, but I promise you, that you will be a courageous, brave and a better person someday.
    And this will happen, only when you strive hard right now against these temporary fears.
    Keep working towards your goal.
    Keep Pushing.