• bormaatts 6w

    What is life without guidance?

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    An amateur's shot,
    the arrows of a skilled archer,
    are like a false takes off myth
    to a caged creature of feather.

    Sing about the damning cold
    sing about the parched lands
    sing about the raging storm
    She'd sing about freedom

    "I could sail the air,
    And dive into the ocean,
    A taste of worms on my tongue."
    "Life would be so much fun"

    But the real slave is out there
    Shackled by her own desires
    captive in her net of wants
    she's become slave to freedom

    "The cage is not to keep you in"
    cried Dan the dear.
    "It's to keep trouble out"
    But dear old bird had lost her ear.