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    The days of our lives

    When we think of the days of February,
    When we'd not yet met our adversary..
    The era of schools and friends not inside a phone,
    Seems surprising such a time was known.

    Let's fast forward into March,
    Where covid was declared in charge.
    Within a month we were bound to walls,
    Our lives 'literally' based off calls.

    To think of it, some of it has done good.
    Not eat out for months? Who thought we could?
    We spent time reviving old games and toys,
    It finally felt like we cut off from the noise.

    Though at first this was a huge setback,
    We began to hone the skills we lack.
    We learnt the joy of a self cooked meal,
    We sat at home watched nature heal.

    Yes our lives are different with no friends to meet,
    No vacations nor people to greet..
    But all we can do is hope and pray,
    That all of it gets done soon one day.

    So reasons to be unhappy let's not create,
    I think we can confidently say we have a lot on our plates,
    And if there's one thing covid has taught us,
    Its to smile and wait :)