• dandelian_whisks 5w


    I was trying to go that side
    I was just on the ride
    Something hit on my mind
    Advised that i am forcing it out
    I stopped,Cause not again,in greed
    Wanted to be lost,Go down controlling outer world

    Soon,at night,
    I got a hint of truth
    That pressure was against immoral drag power,
    Still tries to put me down
    When i feel stucked in immoral dramas;
    Again locked by lurking demons
    Thrown kryptonite over my sub-concious
    So that i can't move out!
    Tricked to believe in the walls of sabotage,lies
    Again,gone away from purpose and spark
    While i was convinced;
    my effort is not working in proper loops
    In reality power was indulged
    In slaying evil patterns
    Which were Weighing me down