• sunshine_love 30w

    A letter to those 3am hearts.

    Dear 3am heart

    Its already 3am and I know it's been too hard to sleep and dream since a couple of days or even months.
    Recounting the smiles and faith you radiated before all that happened, now tears each night.
    Blaming things on fate, if all that had never happened, strains that life filled voice.
    Stumbling down and standing up had been the only repeating sequel in a week.

    I need you to grab tight on to that pillow. It would never make you weak, if you soak it with hundred drops each night. It would never make you cold, even if you witness your very vulnerable side.

    I need you to wake up to that 11am, even if you don't see the rising sun as a new start today. I need you to witness the setting hour, because ending had always been beautiful, so it had to be for you too.

    Now sleep and rest your feeble insecurities. I will hold onto you as you scream through your nightmare and watch you to sleep. Together we will wait for that right 5am when everything will be reasonable and those swollen eyes would not matter anymore.

    Midnight fairy.