• genevievemei 6w

    She told herself, she wanted peace,
    She told herself, she needed peace.
    For once, she told herself what to do,
    And not listen to opinions around her.

    She was a reformed person,
    She wanted to forget the past.
    She threw away her past memories,
    And replaced them with a fake past.

    She cleaved out the bad from the good,
    The toxic from the pure and genuine.
    She could finally be on her terms,
    And no one else could change that.

    She held herself up straight,
    And did things with confidence.
    People couldn't recognise her,
    And it was unsure if she herself could too.

    But it was alright, wasn't it?
    She's finally happy, she deserved it.
    But why, why does this feel wrong?
    Perhaps she knew it deep down too.

    "Memories will never disappear,
    But wounds can always be healed.
    Everything takes time."
    And she was no exception.


    "Don't rush yourself, love. Everything takes time, so why not feel happy along the way?"

    9th October, 2019

    #reform #happiness #memories #cleave #pod

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    Wounds Need Time