• skripture 6w

    Hearing From You

    A day goes by and I don't hear from you,
    I shouldn't worry about it but I do.
    I wait and hope each day for a text or call,
    But I get a little sad when nothing at all.
    It's silly I know that I even feel that way,
    But communication from you makes my day.
    I hear your voice in the messages you send,
    I could never tire hearing it again and again.
    I see your face when on the phone we speak,
    Your smiling eyes and your dimpled cheeks.
    I could paint you from just my mind's view,
    Painted with heart strokes of my love for you.
    When we chat on the phone you feel so close,
    It's that feeling I get that I do love the most.
    I would love it if I could feel it all of the time,
    The way I would if I were to call you mine.