• jessicacarina 51w

    Love love love !

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    Where are you now ? Where did it go ? Where will you be

    You my little sister , the apple of my heart ..? Or is it eye ? I forget . But i love you anyways where did time go , i sit still yet time flys by , the stuffed bunny you had carried as a stuffy nose child , where did it go ? Your first kiss , how you came home and told me all about it , where did it go ? The life you live with love and passion in the same house as me , where did it go ? The life you once used to love , where did it go ? As i sit in the hospital and stare at you where is you mind at , where did it go are you here with me can you hear me cry and beg you to stay , where did you go ? That night that terrible person didnt stop , where were you going ? All the time we spend fighting , where did it go ? Do you thing god is thinkimg of me and how my heart breaks every second with out you ? Where is it going ? Is he taking it with you ? Some place nice , where will you be , when i can see you or hear you but yet still seem to feel you with me , where will you be ?