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    Yesterday, when I got my periods, it gave me an oppoturnity to reflect on my other lady friends going though the same and how then, we are labelled as the gender with less tolerance for pain and incapable of morally and intellectually equalling with men. This is to every women, to celebrate our womanhood and to take no shame in announcing to the world that 'I am a woman and hell yeah, I bleed'

    When menstruation is still a taboo,
    a name associated with innumerable myths, and inexplicably baseless superstitions,
    it's time we normalise menstruation,
    the process which sustains human race
    and thus, is irreplaceable,
    therefore, deserving a front seat.

    Menstrual pain is as varied as fingerprints in every women..being a woman, i know how menstruation is stigmatized and how we suffer from excruciating pain(menstrual cramps included). It's no small deal and still surprises me, the fervor with which we bear them. So, it's high time we realise our potential as women, as individuals who should be celebrated, as an integral part of human race, as an equal to other genders.

    Remember, no matter what, we endure, we survive, we overcome and rise like a pheonix. Because,
    We are women.
    We are unstoppable.

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    We bleed
    We rejuvenate
    We replenish
    We empower
    We relive
    We sustain
    We support
    We resurrect
    We are women
    with fire in our hearts
    and steel in our bones.
    With spirits irresistable
    prowess imperishbale
    and will irrepressible.
    We are unstoppable.