• jeitendra_sharma 10w

    Your thoughts

    Your thoughts make up things
    which constitute prejudice
    a bitter experience
    and the Judgement for lifetime
    people don't take forms accordingly
    you perceive things not as they are
    but as Your thoughts are about it,

    it is so powerful that
    it gives you a comfort
    a lie to hold lifelong
    a bubble to cover your ignorance
    it keeps you away from the truth
    and build an empire on lies
    You enjoy your thoughts
    thinking it as the ultimate truth,

    Your thoughts make you superior
    but inside your mind
    which is indeed a world for you
    but in reality, no-body is talking about you
    Your thoughts can't mold the reality
    it can give you an illusion but
    with realization sooner or later
    You see how wrong you were
    thinking world revolves around you,