• le_parrain 9w

    To be alone in such a world
    Is like a self sentence
    To a life of torture and torment
    To live without knowing love
    Is beyond life itself
    To some it's the norm
    But for some it's the greatest crime
    Even the love of God knew loneliness would be a crime
    And gave unto man, woman to call his wife
    So why should it not be so
    A crime such as this should never be born by anyone
    So when you find that special someone
    Try your best not to fall victim to this cursed crime of loneliness
    To have known true love is so priceless
    So by all means avoid being divided for foolish reasons
    I've felt this crime one too many times
    And only wish it was never so
    Being alone drives a soul insane
    In more ways than one
    Sometimes unnoticed to one's own self destruction within
    You can only hope it's not too late
    When you realize the damage caused cannot be undone

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    La Solitude Est Un Crime