• anshikagautam 6w

    Not something related to me
    ..just a piece of art that popped up

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    The love that ignites

    you are the dream i see everyday
    In the mist of heart i feel everyday
    Every time WE enhances ourselves
    It pulls me closer to what we have

    I have my world in you
    And i know that your boundaries are on me
    The way in your eyes i see myself
    Its the way the worlds best mirror cant make me feel

    That smile justifies all bad happened in day
    Its the innocence in those eyes
    That pushes me to make that effort
    No matter what it takes

    Its you who solved
    The complicated puzzle of my life
    Its for you that i wanted to cherish
    Every moment of OUR life's
    These all words only express a part of me
    Its that twinkle in those eyes
    That brings out my spark in me

    Lots of love