• arabia 22w

    The biggest lesson of my life:
    Sometimes, the absence of the some loved ones, makes u a better person, so always cherish that person.
    Always be kind to yourself, only then u can be kind to others, don't cry over your situations, as god may have some better plan for u..
    Life is going to be tough, there will storms and turmoils which will try to shake ur confidence,but don't u bow down in front of them, instead challenge them to test u and u should try ur level best to pass the test of difficulties and trails with flying colours.

    I know that some unexpected goodbyes leaves u with the pain which can never be healed, but make urself feel lucky that you have got the life to cherish those memories and also to create new ones.
    One day u will win, make all ur odds stand by ur side and be the fighter, life will get better, just hold on...
    The word HOPE itself says that HOLD ON PAIN ENDS..
    Learn to accept urself, then automatically world will recognize u