• withywriting 5w

    God's Storm

    What if you can't remember anything important about your life,
    What if there's no one to encourage you to want to be the person who you really are,
    The person I used to be when I had my kids,
    When I was against drugs,
    When I was beautiful and no one noticed,
    Now, everyone notices all the beauty that does not contain a real woman's beauty
    A woman's face!
    Who wants to be known as beautiful for their body,
    It's tearing me down to be someone that causes anxiety, pain, and depression,
    Just to keep them happy that I love,
    Yet, in God's storm,
    I'm still not the only woman, the most he desires, loves, and respects with his eyes,
    There's much I don't know,
    I have chosen not to know anymore,
    Over God's storm,
    Where's my rainbow?