• babhrabiabby_684 6w

    I'm alone

    Lemme take some time
    To understand the direction,
    where the wind blows;
    Where does the bird sing,
    When do I remember you,
    And when did I lost you!!

    Take me to the stars that shine brightly,
    Let them understand my low spirits,
    And where's the blue is hidden behind,
    May I get the winsome company?
    Once again just to remember you!!

    I'm alone wondering about every misdeeds,
    Happened with me, do I deserve this?
    Have I hurt you like you did;
    I'm alone wondering how it's all going!!

    There's a river, loved by the trees,
    There's the sky loved by the moon nd stars,
    There's a girl loved by all;
    And here it's me, I'm alone........