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    There is this girl,
    she kind of reminds me of the sea,
    because it is difficult to read the waves,
    she would make in a conversation on certain nights.

    On Mondays,
    She is usually off working hard,
    to save the rivers of this world,
    but she doesn't really trust much of this world to begin with.

    She would not reply back on certain nights,
    because she is probably writing a song,
    or rehearsing one, or just watching re-runs if HIMYM.
    She probably prefers Marshall.

    Tuesdays and Wednesdays,
    I wonder how her face arches into a smile,
    whenever I slip a bit of wit,
    or doesn't arch at all; ignoring it altogether.
    She probably does smile.

    No, we never talk on the phone,
    because it breaks a rule, and I only assume,
    her voice is as pretty as it sounds,
    In echoes of the lines she texts.

    She keenly listens, while I speak what bothers me,
    and once in a while, I get to listen to her too.

    Saturday and Sunday,
    We act like the strangers,
    we actually are,
    just like normal people.

    If you ask me,
    I don't remember the last time,
    I couldn't get a person out of my head,
    all week long.

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