• tender_kisses 10w

    Decrepit - Handmade, mixed media chair, photographed and digitally enhanced.
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    A poem I wrote many years ago, when I was at a low point in my life.

    The place she once sat
    is now empty and fragmented
    Malignant and tortured at the
    exposure of its own truth
    Desolate and lonesome,
    its lies once wrapped in silk
    A pitiful enigma no longer bares
    any significance

    The place she once sat
    is now decrepit and cold
    Damaged and unworthy with
    a residue of unrecognition
    Degenerative and shattered,
    sinking into a hole of nothingness
    A crumpled pile of unforgiveness
    crushed beneath her feet

    The place she once sat
    is now broken and isolated
    A memory of allusive treachery
    that has fallen apart
    Diminished and torn from its
    constant betrayal
    A place she has put behind her,
    a place she will never return


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