• whentherainfalls 5w

    i can't be taught that which i know already

    Your actions tell me you're trying to teach a lesson, hoping I'll learn and not make the same mistake twice.

    However, I do not learn, for all these things I already know: I know I am crazy, insane even, for continuing to try, just know that your games do not deter me; I know am a fool and anyone who was in their right mind would've given up a long time ago, yet here I am waiting for you still.

    See, I know what you're doing. And all the while, you have made yourself believe you're getting the better of me; that I will walk out the door like the rest. Instead, I am going to take this opportunity to teach you that my patience is far stronger than your self-doubt and insecurity.

    You can push me away, but I have already accounted for that in my mental scheme of the events as they unfold in time. You will realize sooner or later that I'm not going anywhere, and you cannot teach me any "lessons" I do not already know.

    Willing, I walk through the brambles and the briars, the darkness and the fires; knowing with confidence that one day, you will finally realize how you are so loved and how you are desperately wanted by someone.

    ~ Caleb G. | Friday, 22 January 2021 ~