• theyoungpoet 5w

    I like to escape reality
    I create scenarios for how I would want my life to be.
    Cause a girl can dream
    Why is life so complex
    Only one person in my head that I want
    But it’s not achievable and if I’m truthful I don’t think it ever will be
    Falling for the wrong person
    Is a trip because if they don’t feel the same you can’t make them
    You ask yourself how did I get to this place
    I am I to blame
    My naivety was to fall when I wasn’t gonna be catched
    If there was no feelings involved it would be so simple
    Imagine not being able to see their face
    Cause it hurts that much
    You have so many memories in one person
    Yet there’s no connection there
    Imagine they find it easy to move on from you
    That confuses me cause how were we so close
    If I don’t matter to you now
    The little things people say that stick in your minds eye
    Priceless friendship lol
    For me feelings can be so toxic to when there ain’t recriprocated
    I feel slowly it nullifies the friendship
    And it becomes so easy for that person to be gone
    Cause out of sight out of mind right.