• poetrywithpassion1 31w


    women who declined total dependence
    Women who are courageous
    Women who signed the deal of socialization with their screens
    Women who bought quarters
    Women who survived heartbreak
    Women whose instincts worth envying
    Women whose determination worth mentoring
    Women who are valiant valour
    Women who though, built their own strength from the ribs of surviving men
    Yet exhibits greater strength
    Women who are fearless
    Women who are restless until they engage success
    Women whose foresight is of a million miles
    Women who secured great future for her offsprings, even before arrival
    Women who are adamant to exploits
    Women who made success their core course

    Women who are distinct
    The Deborahs of their district

    Women like Maya
    Women of power

    Women who stood firm
    Even when the world despise them

    Women breaking boundaries
    Women setting histories
    Women building countries
    That men left unfurnished

    Women who are determined
    Women who are hardworking
    Born from the breath of men
    But to him, they less depend

    The pride of her home
    Slaying Home and Abroad
    In her lies exceeding greatness
    While men sought After Guinness.

    Women who are ladies
    Old age no longer confiscate their Responsibilities
    Women buying spaces
    For girls in their teens

    Women of worth
    I salute your exploit