• voiceophone 23w

    Broken Feelings

    When I saw you left,
    I felt; Memories were meant to be kept,
    Like we played from right to left,
    Hoping we won't have a next,
    We kept the vibes in the nest,
    Carelessly twas stolen through theft and exposure to air,
    What's this mess?
    We were broken into pieces having no rest;
    Love was the test!

    Love is meant to be felt,
    It's a feeling; flowing like it's not stopping,
    It's a mirage cos it's up there in the mind,
    You can't touch it, see it, but feel and show it,
    It is too strange to be real,
    Too hidden to be revealed
    Too blank to be seen,
    Could this be?
    Love is just a mystery
    My dear, Love is felt by every
    But misunderstood by many
    I believe you are hearing,
    Now distance is the bearing,
    No stories to be telling,
    No feelings to be feeling,
    No you to be missing,
    No phone to be ringing,
    No names to be calling,
    No fears, no explanations, no shivering,
    This is so glaring,
    This isn't the song I'm singing
    But Goodbye is what I'm saying.