• romeodoesntcare 22w


    The tides will rise
    I confide in those solemn eyes
    Sulking shoulder shuddering breaths

    why try

    Shaking as you cry
    rocking back and forth

    abilify |(inside)| still petrified

    Cigarettes leave their mark
    Something solvents couldn't rectify
    No one but you to bear witness
    Can't testify
    for no judgment could bring forgiveness
    But these feelings are ephemeral
    A flickering flame
    They lick and eat at my brain
    Rain doesn't wash away pain or shame
    You wear it like a name
    I made it all the same
    I was never one to be tame
    Always swerving through different lanes
    Always evident like fame
    It a leads to be nothing short of a game