• callingcrows 5w

    A Wish.

    I wish you were simple, crystal and clear
    Maybe then I could end you, with a spear
    Finally be done with it, with you
    Having you out of my life is long overdue
    I wish, I wish, I wish you had a face
    So then I could take a swing at the space
    That you take up, exist in, that you hold
    More real than the paper I'm writing, I fold
    You come too quietly, and much too fast
    Just when I think that I'm done with the past
    If only you had a face, I could be sure you're real
    Then I wouldn't be here, crying, giving this spiel
    I like to think I've grown pretty brave lately
    But you, you still haunt me, and greatly
    Everytime you show up, you always strike a chord
    I wish, I wish I could slay you with a sword
    'Everything happens for a reason' some say
    But what's the reason for this, to pay?
    I admit, I've made so many mistakes before
    But I know this in my heart, my very core
    I do not deserve this
    No one deserves this

    March 30, 2019.