• manju_lata_05 6w

    Sweet Facebook mistake (part 6)

    Relation was to be broken !

    Mom liked him.
    Bro too.
    All in the family did.
    Except my uncle (dad's brother).
    And his decision did matter.
    One of the jewels he was,
    In my mom's court.
    Days and weeks passed,
    Both families didn't talk.
    Uncle concluded that;
    It was all over.
    But, I had started loving him.
    "Mom please let me marry him !"
    I chanted all through day and night;
    Hours and minutes .
    And we decided to elope.
    Of course in a healthy way.
    "Mom I am planning to elope with him."
    "What do you say ?"
    "If you are happy, I have no issues."
    Mom permitted me.
    I went shopping.
    Bought new clothes, bags etc...
    Mom even bought me new jewelleries.

    To be continued....stay tuned....