• emekajesse 5w

    Love Is Not Enough

    Love is not enough
    Yes! falling in love is not as tough.
    You can be loved by anyone
    It's a matter of time, place or circumstance.
    Love is a choice, a decision only you can make
    But when it has fallen, its whims are stronger than the heart can take.
    Love is such a beauty
    Finding true love has become a quest for many.
    Some go the extra mile, searching for such love
    When it's all around them.
    What are they looking for?
    Anyone can claim to love you
    Ofcourse, they can also show you
    But for how long?
    Often times, other traits expose the hypocrisy of professed love namely: lack of respect, materialism, patience, truth, trust, tolerance, endurance & loyalty
    But so many are too blind to see.

    If it doesn't make you happy, it's not love.
    If it doesn't respect you, it's not love.
    If it doesn't give you rest of mind, please run.
    If it's stingy, it's not love.
    If it doesn't sacrifice for you: check well.
    If it's secretive, is not love.
    If it's not contented, it's not love.
    If it's not proud of you, it's not love.
    If it cannot take care of you: think twice!
    Love will not kill you- Amen!
    True Love never fails!