• qalm_e_afrah 6w

    A letter from heart to soul .


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    Hey, my love !!
    I know you are surrounded by many stressful situations , I just want to say take ur time .. everything happens for a reason .. these situations makes you a better person and you know what !
    do whatever you want to do ..
    Have a graceful smile on ur face (and it really doesn't matter if your face look ugly while smiling , It doesn't even matter if your teeth don't have that perfect shape ) .You are not ugly , you are just surrounded by people who don't have eyes to see your beauty .

    stop expecting too much from all .. stop expecting that they will come and softly ask you about your situations! They won't come, and even if they come they only gonna ask you about your studies !
    Take a deep breath and start your fresh day with new hope and be the better version of yourself !

    Your heart ♥️