• dynamou 10w

    Genesis; The end is the beginning.

    Falling off the 45,000ft solid, unmovable stone was the least thing I could think of;
    I must reach the peak earlier than my 99 co-participants;
    Even if just for a split second and nothing more;
    My sole thought keeps my adrenaline pumping, and seeing someone above me makes me want to shit in my pants;
    I scaled through one-tenth of the ginormous piece of rock like a hungry lion chasing its prey;
    At 5,000ft I was ahead of every other person, panting and covered in clay;
    This is my chance to prove my worth to my parents that am worth more than they do claim,
    With the speed of jaguar, I reached 20,00ft then I began to flay;
    My hand aches, my legs trembled, my spine creaks, under my helmet I suffered a terrible migraine;
    Nothing goes for nothing buddy I told myself, mighty Rome isn’t built in a day;
    Like my thoughts is some kind of voodoo I felt a rush, a massive surge of energy coursing through my muscles and tendons;
    The energy that healed my hands, legs, spine and all my worries. Oh! What an energy;
    I got to 44,000ft amidst my worries, pains, prayers and fluctuating vigor;
    And the occasional munching of my snacks and drinking from my glucose fortified solvent;
    At forty-four thousand I saw no one, not ahead of me nor below;
    Well, not of much concern to me, all I could think of was getting to the peak sooner than everyone as well as breaking the world record time;
    With the little energy in me, I pushed and pushed till I slipped;
    Luckily I held onto a cliff with one of my hands, so firm as I was holding unto my dear life;
    Then I felt the soul of “Dwayne Johnson” entered me as I pulled myself on to the cliff;
    So terrified I laid down panting for a while with my heart pounding so hard, almost shattering my rib cage;
    I resumed my climbing this time more carefully, till I reached 44,950ft;
    I was filled with joy, so much that I felt the excesses escaping through my skin pores;
    I started reminiscing on the type of victory dance to do, so many dance steps in my brain;
    Still I couldn’t pick a perfect one because all are so subtle, in anger I wanted to bang on the wall but Oops!!;
    I lost my balance and came plummeting down from 44,950ft with nothing to hold onto;
    At first it felt like a dream, I tried my best to snap out of it but nay, this is not a façade;
    What to do? I asked myself but my brain had gone inactive from fear;
    I felt my dreams shattered that instant then it sublimes and disperses right in front of me;
    I could picture the sun going dark and the starts lightning out;
    All the pieces of my thoughts, my simulations of my victory dance running helter-skelter like it’s an apocalypse;
    The first thought to cross my mind as my brain breaks out of hibernation was Pray;
    I prayed with all that’s left in me till I hit my back on a solid surface and stopped;
    I laid helplessly and hopelessly for a while, then like magic I saw myself floating up into the sky with my back facing the earth;
    I couldn’t move, I thought “This is the end, indeed I am dead”;
    I thought of all my bad deeds, how I promised to change my ways and prove my worth to my parents all over but in a different way if I get a second chance;
    Then I felt myself descending from the sky, Alas! My wish came through I shouted;
    By then I could feel my limbs unable to move them though, I became ecstatic when the peak of the mountain was in my line of sight and I descended towards it involuntarily;
    This is incredible, the dream of my first life coming true in the beginning of my second life I thought out loud;
    A mighty eagle laid me down at the peak of the mountain, with immediate effect my limbs became active, I checked my watch and jumped up for I broke the world record.