• gemini_ramirez 9w



    I put in the work 

    But , it feels like  the folks at work 

    Don't really know my worth 

    I keep my head up 

    Or try to 

    And I keep working 

    Like I have something to prove 

    The meetings and discussions

    Got under my skin 



    I can't let it in 

    I will reap what I sow 

    And you will reap what you sow 


    I'll just keep tending to my garden 

    And still hope that yours grows 

    For I may be saved by grace 

    But so are you  

    So I asked for forgiveness 

    For we do not know what we do 

    I got on my knees 

    And asked you 

    To breath a new life into me

    I don't want to self destruct 

    Or be known for how easily I get angry 

    I got to love my neighbor 

    And forgive them as well 

    Because I was not created to fear 

    Nor created to dwell 

    I got up from my knees 

    Refreshed and ready 

    Went back to work with a smile 

    Radiating with the grace
    you've lavished on me 

    Oh lord 

    Let my story 

    Be testimony 

    To your glory

    The one and only 

    The highest praise

    For the one most Holy