• _kinjaljauhari___ 6w


    These days are the best,
    Which often grasp me to rest.
    The silly little fights,
    Which take place under the twilight.
    The innocence in the cheesy smiles,
    Pile up the moments in a file.
    The heavy drops of the rain,
    Remind us of the dripping champagne.
    The smell of the flowers,
    Filled with honey-drop showers.
    The sunshine as sacred as the shadows,
    In the mellow pastoral meadows.
    Ice-cream,lollies and colourful candies give us smiles,
    In excitement of which,we run for miles.
    It would be hard to describe,
    The fragrant summers of this time.
    We eat,we smile,we play,
    Without any burden of the future day.
    Blessed are we to have true friends,
    From whom we borrow and to whom we lend.
    Sunshine are these days we hold,
    After year,we'll happily again unfold.

    ~Kinjal Jauhari