• jayalagekshmi 5w

    I reminisce ¥ou

    I reminisce the way,

    ¥ou loved me,
    ¥our eyes followed me,
    ¥our kiss brushed me,
    ¥our gaze stuck on me,
    ¥ou took me places,
    ¥ou promised me eternity,
    ¥ou kissed my forehead lovingly,
    ¥ou said I was your forever,
    ¥ou said age is just a number,
    ¥ou smooched my tears away,
    ¥ou squeezed me to sleep,
    ¥ou put me on your chest each night,
    ¥ou said poems in all languages for me,
    ¥ou held my hand tight,
    ¥ou never left me alone......

    But now,
    I reminisce the way,

    ¥ou see me like a stranger,
    ¥our eyes following another,
    ¥our kiss being a peck on my lips,
    ¥our gaze is always elsewhere,
    ¥ou don't go out with me anymore,
    ¥ou are not sure if I'm the one,
    ¥ou kiss my forehead with no feelings,
    ¥ou said I may not be your forever,
    ¥ou said age matters,
    ¥ou leave me to cry even if you are around,
    ¥ou push me away sometimes at night,
    ¥ou put me on your chest because you sympathize me,
    ¥ou stopped saying poems to me,
    ¥ou walk away before me,
    ¥ou left me alone....