• clairevoy 10w

    His words rolled off my back like water would a duck's back.
    He confessed how he felt and how he has felt in years
    He revealed all the secrets and pains he had kept hidden in years.
    He apologised for all the mistakes he made in the past

    When I saw his tears after he I asked him to move on
    It hit me
    He has always been there for me.
    He has always gone out of his way to meet mine
    He always put me first.

    What did I do in return?
    I used words that pierced his soul.
    I spewed a lot of Meanness.
    Tonight I am filled with regret having lost another good one.
    Weep not my friend for you will find one better than me.

    I can only hope and wait that I don't wake by morn to hurt another undeserving one
    I am what I am
    A horrible person.