• birdbrain 23w

    Wingardium laviosa

    I loved and loved and loved. I loved so deeply that I almost forgot if I am supposed to feel the pain or if I am supposed to feel the pleasure out of the love I have for you. I was engrossed in deep thoughts when you came and sat right in front of me for me to stare, stare and just stare at your face until I pierce a hole through it.

    " ' Red bull gives you wings'. What bullshit! Are they trying to say that it can make you fly?  We magicians have become valueless in front of a can named after a color and an amusingly strong but an ugly animal urghh so annoying. Elsa! are u even listening? Why are they trying to sell something in the name of fake magic? "                                                                                                                                   

    I really wish Germio stopped speaking right now. He is breaking my attention and others' piece of mind inside a library. "Ger, stop shouting it's a library and about 'red bull gives you wings' it's just metaphor work on your English. Having wings means you have the ability to fly. They are just trying to say that drinking red bull will make you fly in your thoughts and give you the ability to accomplish them, in simpler words it's just a medium of advertisement. Idiot" I saw him open his mouth to speak, but he closed it and just smiled. "WHAT?" I give an exasperated 'what' to him with a dilated eyeballs and flushed cheeks, I always blush when he smiles I consider it as a hidden talent which can be seen.          "You are smart El and that's why I like to call you mah gal". I rolled my eyes in reply.                                                   "El what's the point of being a magician if I can't fly? when are they going to teach us to fly? can u make me fly? I know you can do it you are smart." The excitement in his eyes were transferring into my bones, leading to my fingers and I lift up my wand Immediately and swing it and chant 'Wingardium laviosa'.

    "I'm flying El, I'm flying. I love you so much, I love you." I longed to hear these words for three years now and now I when I finally hear it I wonder if Ger means it. I love you too I whisper under my breathe.