• fearsotherside 10w

    Random Ass Rant
    I watched a Documentary on Albinisim in Tanzania this morning...hopeful, yet sad. Then had a conversation where it felt like a friend wanted to debate, like that tv show, battle of the sexes. It felt so dated. It felt frustrating. I still have a headache.

    It isn't about who's better or whose had it the worst or easiest. Isn't this just giving more divide? Yes appreciate why something is the way it is & more so why you are the way you are. Not to ostricise more but to heal that part of you, to be the change.

    We all have demons. We all suffer. History & statistics can help guide us. In the end what really matters is now. We all have a choice.

    Do we focus on whose done what or learn from & accept it? Do we grow? I have gratitude for those that walked before me. I believe we can do better still.

    Being born with Albinisim in Tanzania is being born to fear for your life. A child's body parts sell for up to $10,000. Sometimes families are involved in this, their own children. One lady's grandmother said "Albino Children don't die, they dissapear".

    Can we appreciate our differences & uniqueness. Can we be kind & expect nothing back. I have always struggled to accept the world is a cruel place. We must feel blame, we should also take ownership for our actions & life, blame isn't a solution. Don't get Stuck in blame, it changes nothing, if anything it keeps the wound open.