• ravens_ink 9w


    They are like shadows,
    They are hideous
    Their hearts spread
    a sheath of illusion,
    Perhaps, the world is beautiful.
    They slept like death,
    Their mirrors remained unclear
    They unmasked a few masks,
    They are called delusional.
    They've seen a few colors,
    They could never recognize shades
    They flew to few skies,
    They liberated themselves.
    They are absurd,
    They are avoided
    They loved,
    But were never loved.
    They forgot some wishes,
    They left their soul in a bygone era.
    Their tongues forbid a word to speak.
    They overdosed on emotions,
    Their ghostly screams
    haunted every speck.
    They vanished to the unknown,
    Their ashes burned to the
    candle of their beloved one.
    Never grieved upon,
    Couldn't give a memory.