• lio_sakshi 23w


    The young boy had everything which includes a sharp mind to grasp things , talent to solve certain probelms, willigness to learn new techies. He might have touched skies and flee high only if his life was not of a garbage picker. For people like him their first ever dream is to get educated. Sometimes i feel like education now a days is just a business rather than a talent journey, sharp minds and deserving aspirants. His poverty forced him to be a *slum* and stopped him from being a *billionare*. So it's a humble request whenever you get a chance to spend money wisely do that in educating someone because it will give brave soldiers , highly qualified doctors , skilled engineers , talented photographers to our nation and will reduce the crimes happening all around the world and most importantly it will give a new birth to someone . And if one single person can't do this than let's join our hands together to help them and make ourselves proud and a part of a the greatest achievement in our lives .And yes feel yourself lucky that you can have about which *millions of aspiring minds* dream about.