• chanamanimback 10w

    Why me "I asked her "

    I'm happy inside but not in stride eyes open to wide. Crying inside. Still missing huge part of my heart. Soul my inner everything I'm a human being. Wont sing to loud no big crowd ... hollow and empty. Most of the realism me truth .. in want to bless this booth. Bring in some real life. My mia. Bella. Iam. So lost without you your my dream come true. Everyday is dedicated to you ... are you the one that is making me come thru. Where are you. Why won't mommy let me. Be your dad. Beyond sad. Confused. Abused. All mistrude . Please mia bella its inside you come thru. Tell her. You need me make her see the. Light. Its so dark where I live. Why wtf. Gives wut did I do to have this. Happen why are you not here with me. I am never gonna be me or free trapped inside. This blanket of wonder and disbelief I need relief for i feel like exploding loathing ... you were my clothing now i can't fully function or move forward to come up. Your my daughter you know wussup. I live to love you and be your dad and best friend please. Hang on to all I am. I havnt changed. Just been rearranged by the other side of the track were all the same. That's plain fact. I just want you to come back. . I cant. Breath without u mooshy bean. Your my gold my soul my every fuckin thing. Sing. Baby. Loud. Feel the music. It's our only cloud. I will be there. I swear. Just. Wait ok. Wait right there. .. I'm so sorry mia you will soon see I care. ... three years soon cant believe this. Day. Sun is out people with there children and family. Living it up and here i sit. Saying again. Wuts sup !!!! Wanna sail away oh ya gotta another day ..... with your love. I can't fade away .

    Love your daddy Ryan Joseph ferreira. Fri March 15th. 2019. still frozen. Chosen waiting for my light my days are still showing. All black night .