• oluwafemi97 23w

    Jesus I need you

    Most times what I say isn't how I feel
    And how I feel isn't what I say
    So When you ask me how I am
    I will say am fine and okay
    However my handkerchief became wet with my tears
    And my head boils up like a boiling water
    My temperature rose like I was under the hot sun

    Pretended like everything was fine
    Don't know if should cry my eyes out and act like am about to die...
    But doing this, people think am strong
    Although at times I wanna scream and jump touching the sky
    Also I wanna shout, say my mind, express the way I feel...

    I couldn't hold tightly to my pen to write
    I couldn't write something about love because all I felt was pain
    I couldn't read the books I love
    Because I lost focus
    Then I look up to God
    Take my rosary and recite a mystery

    Because he his the one I call when am in pain and distress
    He his the one I call when am happy and joyful
    Because each time I call him I never hear a beautiful female voice saying the number you dialled isn't available
    Cause my God is always available
    So I say master Jesus I need you...

    Folowosele Oluwafemi...