• timothyvs 10w

    Worse II

    Tell me who has it worse?
    The person who has buried
    their entire family and has nobody
    Tell me who has it worse?
    The person who is tortured by his own
    Some people may say that losing too
    Many loved ones can be a curse....
    Well the curse is not being able to
    Find Peace within your own mind...
    Continue to fight against these
    Condemning thoughts telling you
    "Your not enough"
    What's Worse?
    The cycle of losing people and in the
    End losing yourself -
    Who's going to bury you?
    People who have experienced sadness
    Won't have anymore tears left to
    Closing down is a survival tactic we
    Use cause people won't understand why
    We are the way we are,
    Anxiety and Depression
    Just some of
    The things that make it worse to be