• lost4u 18w

    How to choose a good partner for a good and long term relationship?

    First of all everyone wants a good partner and for that you need to be a good partner yourself.

    1-)Love yourself first because if you can't love yourself you can't love someone else.
    2-)Set one standard for yourself(boys and girls) that if you aren't ready for marriage,you aren't ready for dating or anything.Being ready for marriage means being established in your career.
    3-)Have patience the right one won't be easy.
    4-)Leave all your emotional baggage behind and heal yourself to the fullest.
    5-)See for what's common between you and the person(career,hobbies,music etc).
    6-)No one is perfect but efforts are priceless.
    7-)Relationship works on give and take there is no such thing as unconditional love or selfless love.
    8-)This is 21 century here love doesn't mean how serious you are for her/him.In this era how you make yourself the best option for someone really matters.
    9-)See that your partner wants a long term relationship with you.
    10-)Don't fall for words Fall for efforts.
    11-)Don't fall for looks,Fall for mindsets.
    12-)Don't choose a person who is messed up,emotionally immature.
    13-)Choose a person who is healed up.