• ebb_jeremy 11w


    For a while there, I couldn't stand myself.
    Sooner or later I was bound to fall
    So when I fell, I fell for you.
    Now my heavy dirty soul is tied to your ever empty soul.
    Heavy and empty,
    The way we walk around you can hear our chains drag on the floor. It's as if we like the pain. I can hear you whisper in my ear "This is who we are"
    I know this is a bad dream, but if letting you go is the only way to wake up then let me sleep. Let me keep my chains. I will use them to play jingle bells on Christmas eve and hope that Santa brings you back to me.
    And if he doesn't, it doesn't matter anyway because when I wake, I'll still be calling for you.
    I don't want freedom if it means not loving you.
    Chain me.