• laylaa 40w

    Is it true what they say?

    Is it true what they say? 
    Do people really come and go?
    I don't think so,
    People do come,
    But they never go,
    Their presence does,
    But feelings remain,
    Pain remain,
    Memories remain,
    Missing them remain,
    Loving them remain.
    We might somehow think we can stop loving that person,
    But what happen is,
    You forget,
    But when it comes to sitting alone,
    You remember.
    Remember what? 
    The pain,
    The love,
    The happy & sad moments.
    Remembering how much you didn't want them to go.
    But they did my dear.
    But it's okay,
    Just say it to yourself.
    It's okay.
    Just see it this way,
    You're starting over that's all,
    Think of it in the sense that you're a child again,
    Only now you know more,
    It's totally normal,
    Don't run away from the pain,
    Yet don't hold to it,
    Just let the pain and sadness pass through you.
    Don't think about healing now,
    Allow yourself to grieve,
    Be in the now and live through your experience,
    Don't fall into the past or dwell on the future,
    Be in the here.
    We are all there love,
    We are everywhere and nowhere,
    Everything you need is within you,
    Just listen.
    - Layla